Assignment 3 Web 2.0

Web 2.0 is a term that is new and innovative. We are in a time in which everyone is looking for the next best thing in technology, 3G phones are now best by 4G and Facebook is updated with a new look every few months. The Web 2.0 article focuses on updates. I agree that it is true but to me it feels like all these things in 1.0 vs 2.0 are just updates that would happen eventually. We have moved away from content for corporations and corporate gain to using the internet for personal use and gain. Blogging is another new update but sort of in a different way, its the opinion article of a newspaper moved online so that everyone can do it.

Data ownership is something totally new that has come along with the development and enhancement of many sites. most blogs use other people’s data and creations in their work and the original creators must be given credit.

One of my favorite things with the development of new technologies is the development of new platforms for the software, just as the article states. I think its really cool how phones and everything have different operating systems now a days.

I never knew creative commons until taking this class and another class I am currently taking, CPSC110 with Dr. Ackermann. We used things with creative commons licenses on the first day of class and I think the whole idea of them is great. It gives a way for people to share their ideas when they want to for constructive purposes.

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