Plugins and what not

I’ve been working on this blog experiment assignment and I’ve found out two main things. One, some plugins are super simple to install such as the subscribe to comments and twitter tools. Others are not so much such as google analytics and the social slider.

A big problem I’ve discovered is that I don’t actually know what some of these thigns do and I’m just installing them because I’m told to such as twitter tools and google anlytics so I think I’ve installed them and my pluin list says i have and they’re active… but I can’t see them at all and therefore have no way to tell what they’re doing and if they’re really working. I suppose that a little more exposure to these sort of thigns should solve this though.

The thing thats got me the most is the social slider. As you can see I have it placed on the right side of my page so it functions correctly. The big problem is that I have to go to the configurations page to put in the sites that I want on my slider, only I can’t seem to find the configurations page.

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  1. Tim Owens says:

    Yeah, every plugin is different. Some are “active” as soon as you install/activate them, others require configuration. Most will put an extra menu item somewhere on the lefthand menu in the dashboard (usually as an item under Settings) but reading the documentation on plugin’s website will help know the ins and outs of how to get it going once you know what it’s supposed to do.

  2. Jim says:

    Have questions? Use the oracle know as Google to enlighten you to the plugin power I have laid at your feet 😉