Assignement 2 response

Yeah I know the title is a little bit opposite of what the article was talking about because he believes students should be able to foster their own creativity, something I greatly agree with, but I wanted to make sure I got it off correctly.
Campbell brings up points that I think everyone notices and thinks about but no one really acts on, it’s expensive and that may be soemthing that will have to be absorbed rather than building new buildings, this is something that directly affests the student. We already have enough buildings for students, but paying for the student to have their own domain is something that would only add to a students “well rounded” education.
Campbell made a great point with his idea for the personal databases, it is something that I believe students would take great pride in. It would be something sort of like a facebook that would allow a student to create something totally unique to them, even as far as the domain name. Something like this would immediately give any student a sense of being at home and making them comfortable. It would also foster a great sense of community because it would be so easy to communicate with a university sponsored program and server.

All schools pay an insane amount of money for new buildings and other things that may not seem important to students but is viewed as neccesary by administration. This money could instead be used to purchase server space and a domain for each student. Having this domain would only help to further a student in their”well rounded education”, just as Campbell suggests.

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  1. Jim says:

    Fact is that this would be far, far cheaper than a new building for sure. It would also require hiring people to support students thinking and imagining this space—not simply “tech support”—but architectural support, design support, imaginative support, creative support. And that would be more money, but it would be also a commitment to what is coming for this new generation of students, their life will be greatly mediated by this space, and a lack of literacy in it is not only irresponsible, but downright dangerous to the possibilities of democracy.

    So I think you are right, but I’ll even raise you one 🙂

  2. Sofia Ahmad says:

    I definitely agree with your idea of using the money for students to buy domains rather than building many more buildings. Also, you brought up a good point of people feeling more comfortable if they were able to learn straight from home. It saves money and time!